Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Just a Dream"

Lately, I've been addicted to this one song. The sound and rhythm is so catchy! So, I searched youtube looking for different covers on this particular song by Nelly. Here's 2 of my favorite versions!

[ www.youtube.com/makhonkit ]

[ www.youtube.com/stantough ]

Video 1: For the tutorial, please visit www.makhonkit.com
Video 2: For tutorial, please visit www.stantough.blogspot.com


Music is like a heart, constantly beating

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sam Tsui

Sorry I haven't posted anything for months. Been going through some battles and haven't been working on my music for I haven't touched my piano keys for quite some time! So, I'll be stopping on writing but will be picking up on posting just regular tutorials and songs for you all!
This song is a cover by Sam Tsui and Christiana Grimmie, both talented singers and musicians on www.youtube.com. Please check out both their channels and subscribe and support them! Also, check out Kurt Hugo-Schneider, Sam's producer and subscribe to him as-well!

http://www.youtube.com/user/KurtHugoSchneider (This channel is shared by Sam and Kurt)

"Just A Dream" - Nelly (Cover by Sam Tsui and Christiana Grimmie)

If you would like to learn this song via the piano, please check out this cover the one and only Ray Mak. You can check out his website, www.makhonkit.com for a written tutorial!

"Just A Dream" - Nelly (Cover by Ray Mak)

P.S. Please subscribe and support Ray Mak by visiting his channel on www.youtube.com!


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Friday, July 9, 2010

Tutorial Time: "Hallalujah"

This song I had a little trouble learning. IT took alot of my imagination to perfect it but I did it! Now its your turn. Use this video to help you get the outer pieces of the puzzel and then use your imagaination and skill to put the middle pieces in!


In case you would like to listen to the song...

Any questions? Leave a comment!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pure Lessons

Pure Lessons is a website just for those pianists out there who can play by ear but sometimes needs a little help. Like myself! I found this website recently and it has really helped me. Of course with every piece you learn from someone else, you always use your imagination to make it yours! But Pure Lessons is really helpful. They have a large selection of tutorials for piano. They also have other websites linking off of the homepage for Learning Chords and also they have tutorials for Guitar. So....make sure you check out their website and maybe learn a new song! Just don't forget to use your imagination. No matter how young or old you are, imagination is still in your brain! So don't say you don't have one....


-Piano Tutorials: www.purelessons.com

-Chords for piano or guitar: www.dchords.com

-Guitar Tutorials: www.pureguitar.com

-Free Sheet Music: www.piano-sheets.net


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


There are so many people out there that have such huge dreams. Some I'm sure I can't even comprehend. I know I have huge dreams.
This blog is about some of dreams.... focusing on piano manly. Blossoming talent is about your talent blossoming from a tiny seed to a gorgeous flower. As most of you know, flowers produce more seeds that will eventually fall to the earth and henceforth, more flowers will grow. That is kinda the same with piano. You begin very....rocky...but as the days and weeks and years go by, you progress into something better and better. That is where the flower blooms. But in order to have the seeds, you must show your talent to someone else. Whether a family member, friend or a fan. What you teach them will take root in their life. Now whether they want to persue their talent, that's up to them. But getting back, when you take the time to show/teach others your talent, that is when the seeds begin to fall. Its up to that person to let that seed grow and bloom (they either persue the talent or forget the talent)....all you need to do is really one thing.
A little word of encouragment goes a long way. Like for me. Just hearing someone say, wow....keep that up....I know you can do it! It inspires me to learn something new and keep going.....
Life isn't easy. Yes....for every dream you will experience roadblocks. The thing is, no matter how tough the situation is...once you get past it, it will make you a better, much stronger person.

One of my dreams is to help bring out that blossoming talent in pianists on one of the worlds most popular websites, www.youtube.com. To write a little about them, have a few of their vids and just get. it. out!
But, I NEED your help. Please, get the title of this blog out. Tell your family, friends and fans. Help this blog get to the top. The more people who view it, the more your talent gets out. I need you to go to the follow button and follow this blog.
Show your support by subscribing to the artists by following the link I place on every blog entry.

"I'm doing my part. Are you doing yours?"

Monday, May 3, 2010

YouTube Artist: MarctheSharc27

Here's a talented pianist I found on...YouTube!

Check out his performance videos; http://www.youtube.com/user/MarctheSharc27
And support him as he plays from his heart with his fingers!

Here's a little something he wrote about his talent,

I started with a few years of lessons when I was very young. I then gave up the piano because it became too much of a chore and less about enjoying myself. I picked it back up on my own about 7-8 years ago and I have been playing for fun ever since.
Although I can read sheet music, I feel it sometimes hinders and limits my "musical freedom" lol.
I am a huge fan of all types of music. I love pop, rock, r&b, classical, rap, jazz, funk and the list can go on and on. My videos have just begun to scratch the surface of what I am capable of.
I play just about as often as I can and I really enjoy making not only great music, but I also try to incorporate a visual aspect to some of my videos.
As of right now music is simply a hobby, but if a profitable, and legitimate lol, opportunity opens up, it would be tough to not take my music more seriously.

Check back soon as I uncover some more pianists that need some publicity! =)

Friday, April 2, 2010

YouTube Artist: Makhonkit

This person is one of the best at playing-by-ear. He does such an remarkable perfomance everytime he plays. He also videos at a view where you can learn it yourself.
This is his website. You can go there and look at his story, blogs, helpful piano tips and much more! Please support him as he continues to play using his heart and fingers to guide him!

Here are a few of his videos on YouTube.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When you think of the word music, what do think of?

Music : A melodious and a harmony of instruments played separately or together.

I think of some of my favorite songs and my newest Cd's that I love. But, I also think of, "I can actually play an instrument that plays music."

When you hear some music next time, think of who is playing those instruments. you have to respect those people cause its didn't take a day to build Rome and is sure didn't take a day to flawlessly learn an instrument. Those people work hard just to bring us something to enjoy that isn't necessarily a needful thing. More on the enjoyment side. So, take music into consideration. Think about the work put into a specific song. Just one song.... and how many songs are already out there. Millions perhaps even billions. Its took work. So next time, think of the blueprint of music.

Stay 'tuned'. I'll be posting the BluePrint of Music soon.