Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When you think of the word music, what do think of?

Music : A melodious and a harmony of instruments played separately or together.

I think of some of my favorite songs and my newest Cd's that I love. But, I also think of, "I can actually play an instrument that plays music."

When you hear some music next time, think of who is playing those instruments. you have to respect those people cause its didn't take a day to build Rome and is sure didn't take a day to flawlessly learn an instrument. Those people work hard just to bring us something to enjoy that isn't necessarily a needful thing. More on the enjoyment side. So, take music into consideration. Think about the work put into a specific song. Just one song.... and how many songs are already out there. Millions perhaps even billions. Its took work. So next time, think of the blueprint of music.

Stay 'tuned'. I'll be posting the BluePrint of Music soon.

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