Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When you think of the word music, what do think of?

Music : A melodious and a harmony of instruments played separately or together.

I think of some of my favorite songs and my newest Cd's that I love. But, I also think of, "I can actually play an instrument that plays music."

When you hear some music next time, think of who is playing those instruments. you have to respect those people cause its didn't take a day to build Rome and is sure didn't take a day to flawlessly learn an instrument. Those people work hard just to bring us something to enjoy that isn't necessarily a needful thing. More on the enjoyment side. So, take music into consideration. Think about the work put into a specific song. Just one song.... and how many songs are already out there. Millions perhaps even billions. Its took work. So next time, think of the blueprint of music.

Stay 'tuned'. I'll be posting the BluePrint of Music soon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tutorial Time: Right Round

I'm going to start placing YouTube Tutorial Videos for different songs. Now, I will only be placing songs that I'v learned or I'm going to learn. I will place the tutorial I think is the best.
Yes, this is a song I have already learned. The tune is very catchy but in all, its a very easy song to learn. So, have fun learning!

Right Round - Flo Rida

The Growing Stage: Determination

Determination: A fixed purpose or intention towards something
Determination is one thing you have got to have. You need to have goals or in this case music that you are determined to accomplish!
The only way to find the limits of the possible is by going beyond them to the impossible.
Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur C. Clark is very right. You need to cross the limits to the impossible to get to the possible. But, you have to be determined to do it. Without determination to achieve different goals, then you don't really have the talent to even play the piano because you are not taking it serious. If you were driving on the interstate and someone goes behind you and they are going really fast and it looks like they are going to crash into your bumper, would you panic and maybe switch lanes. Well, obviously you are because you don't want to crash. Right? Its like music, you are not going to be a coward when a piece gets to hard. Or are you? If you run away from what I call a road block (a piece that is very hard and you can't get a part of it right) then you are a coward because you don't even have patience to get through it and finish it. You need to have
Determination and Patience.
Its a must.
If you haven't read The Growing Stage: Patience, then please do. You can click on The Growing Stage: Patience located in my Labels.
Stay "tuned" for I'll be hitting up on on the subject of The Right Attitude.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Talent Contest Outcome

4th place. Not to bad. I would have loved to have 2nd but I can settle with 4th. First place winner was a pretty cool ROTC Drill including someone singing "The Star-Spangled Banner". Second place winner was a teen reciting a christian rap song he and his friends composed. In my opinion should have been first because it showed the most talent.

Well, the Talent Contest was fun. Just excuse a few rowdy teenagers who decided to act up. But I, and I'll speak for everyone else, had a BLAST!

I hope there are more contests to compete in - in the future. I enjoyed playing. Oh, one more thing. Bro. ***** who headed it up put little red pieces of paper in a basket. He then passed the basket around and the people who were participating received a paper with a number on it. When the basket to me, I tried to beat my friend and get a number first *grins* . But, it didn't help being 'first' cause my number was number 1 and that meant I was performing first. I wish I could have played "Journey" cause I knew I would have had a better outcome but instead I picked "Let the Waters Rise" and let my friend play "Journey". She received 3rd place by the way. Anyway, I got a Twix candy bar, a beautiful bookmark, and a neat bracelet. I had a wonderful time.

I encourage you to compete in contests or anything like it to have a chance to show others your talent because it won't go unnoticed!

[the stared * are to protect the privacy of that individual]

Talent Contest

I'm competing in a Talent Contest tonight in Palm Harbor!
I'v spent weeks on practicing different songs and I still didn't know which one I was going play. Well I picked Let the Water's Rise by MikesChair! I am praying that I won't mess up when I play it. I'm trusting in God to lead my fingers.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Here's the song in case you haven't heard of it before.

The Growing Stage: Patience

I believe that there are several characteristics you need to have in order to achieve a talent. My blog is based on piano as that is my talent so everything I will tell you, is for piano but I'm sure you can apply it to other instruments.
The first thing you need to have is:
Patience: Patience is a virtue that not everyone has. Learning the piano for me is sometimes very frustrating. You are learning a new piece; you keep getting stuck or you keep hitting the wrong notes. You need to have the patience to keep on. I do suggest taking breaks instead of going a whole hour of practice. Instead, you should practice in segments of about 20-25 minutes long. As soon as you get frustrated beyond a turning point, I suggest you shut the piano lid and walk away. When you have more 'strength', you should go back. Another thing I suggest is that if you are going to learn a new song, stick with it even if it become tiring to play. I would play the same song over and over until I could play it flawlessly. It gives you an awesome feeling of satisfaction knowing that you accomplished yet another piece. If you learn to play another song that will be a bumpy road ahead, I suggest that you divide practicing time with a couple easy songs. If you play an advanced song and keep getting knocked into road blocks, you need to have a distraction to keep your mind from bouncing of the keys. That's why I suggest also learning to play simple, easy but all the same challenging songs.
Classical music to me is some of the hardest to learn. You have to be very 'flexible' to say. You will need to be able to run your fingers all through the notes and play flawlessly.
For myself, I enjoy listening to classical pieces but prefer not to learn them myself. As a advanced beginner, I'll just stick to simple songs. One of my quotes that I happened to adapt from my former piano teacher is, Challenge yourself. Keep challenging yourself to learn the songs that are....umm, I don't think I could ever play that song. Never say "never" cause believe me, it'll bite your butt off later.
I'll be writing more characteristics I believe you need to have to conquer the Piano. Just to let you know, everything thing that I will be writing will be from me unless I noted otherwise. Follow Blossoming Talent for I'll be writing more things to come that I'm sure you'd want to read. Comments are greatly appreciated also. If you believe, or think otherwise please let me know for I'd love to hear other peoples opinions.

The Blossom of a Talent

My friend asked me, "What is your best talent?" I told her that it was piano.
So, she asks me "How did you learn to play?"
This isn't exactly what I told her but this is what I'm going to tell you.

It started when I was a child. My grandmother had this beautiful black Hardman piano in her home. Whenever I went to her house she would tell me that the piano was an opened invitation. So I accepted. I at first would touch a key and then giggle *smiles at the thought*
Then I begin to grow confidence. I started to pick up the notes and began to play one key songs. I grew up in church (and still growing) so I would play the hymns that I had memorized [the tune]. Eventually, my "talent" grew and people started to notice it. So my parents got me a piano [teenager] teacher. My first lesson was November 1st 2006. I still remember the day. There was one problem. I was not at all affectionate towards my teacher. Whether she was 16 or 61, I shouldn't have treated her wrongly. I now pay dearly for that mistake. My lessons continued until November...*looks in lesson book* 29th.

Here are a few things written in my lesson book.

October 19th 2006

Minuet- both hands, both pages. Practice hard to pass it.
Old Time Religion- PASSED
Ragtime Man- Both hands together, whole song
Page 18 {its in a classical music book} Sonatina- to the line, RH only (right hand)
I Gave My Life for Thee- Take is easy

November 29th
Minuet- much better, not perfect but much better. PASS because you actually *********.
Pg. 18 {back to the classical notes} Sonatina- keep practicing on your own
**** then writes, Challenge yourself in pretty writing.

Now, November 29th was my last day. Here's what my assignment was for the first day, Nov. 1st 2006.
Pg. 10 + pg. 11 Write the notes and learn. Remember the manuscript paper. :)

Now, I want to continue on with my bits and pieces so look for in the upcoming days "The Blossom of a Talent" It will be listed in my Archives and my Labels most likely.

{all items stared * are words I do not wish to place in the cyper world for the privacy of my mistakes, problems and for the privacy of my teacher}