Friday, March 12, 2010

Talent Contest Outcome

4th place. Not to bad. I would have loved to have 2nd but I can settle with 4th. First place winner was a pretty cool ROTC Drill including someone singing "The Star-Spangled Banner". Second place winner was a teen reciting a christian rap song he and his friends composed. In my opinion should have been first because it showed the most talent.

Well, the Talent Contest was fun. Just excuse a few rowdy teenagers who decided to act up. But I, and I'll speak for everyone else, had a BLAST!

I hope there are more contests to compete in - in the future. I enjoyed playing. Oh, one more thing. Bro. ***** who headed it up put little red pieces of paper in a basket. He then passed the basket around and the people who were participating received a paper with a number on it. When the basket to me, I tried to beat my friend and get a number first *grins* . But, it didn't help being 'first' cause my number was number 1 and that meant I was performing first. I wish I could have played "Journey" cause I knew I would have had a better outcome but instead I picked "Let the Waters Rise" and let my friend play "Journey". She received 3rd place by the way. Anyway, I got a Twix candy bar, a beautiful bookmark, and a neat bracelet. I had a wonderful time.

I encourage you to compete in contests or anything like it to have a chance to show others your talent because it won't go unnoticed!

[the stared * are to protect the privacy of that individual]

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