Friday, March 12, 2010

The Blossom of a Talent

My friend asked me, "What is your best talent?" I told her that it was piano.
So, she asks me "How did you learn to play?"
This isn't exactly what I told her but this is what I'm going to tell you.

It started when I was a child. My grandmother had this beautiful black Hardman piano in her home. Whenever I went to her house she would tell me that the piano was an opened invitation. So I accepted. I at first would touch a key and then giggle *smiles at the thought*
Then I begin to grow confidence. I started to pick up the notes and began to play one key songs. I grew up in church (and still growing) so I would play the hymns that I had memorized [the tune]. Eventually, my "talent" grew and people started to notice it. So my parents got me a piano [teenager] teacher. My first lesson was November 1st 2006. I still remember the day. There was one problem. I was not at all affectionate towards my teacher. Whether she was 16 or 61, I shouldn't have treated her wrongly. I now pay dearly for that mistake. My lessons continued until November...*looks in lesson book* 29th.

Here are a few things written in my lesson book.

October 19th 2006

Minuet- both hands, both pages. Practice hard to pass it.
Old Time Religion- PASSED
Ragtime Man- Both hands together, whole song
Page 18 {its in a classical music book} Sonatina- to the line, RH only (right hand)
I Gave My Life for Thee- Take is easy

November 29th
Minuet- much better, not perfect but much better. PASS because you actually *********.
Pg. 18 {back to the classical notes} Sonatina- keep practicing on your own
**** then writes, Challenge yourself in pretty writing.

Now, November 29th was my last day. Here's what my assignment was for the first day, Nov. 1st 2006.
Pg. 10 + pg. 11 Write the notes and learn. Remember the manuscript paper. :)

Now, I want to continue on with my bits and pieces so look for in the upcoming days "The Blossom of a Talent" It will be listed in my Archives and my Labels most likely.

{all items stared * are words I do not wish to place in the cyper world for the privacy of my mistakes, problems and for the privacy of my teacher}

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